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Arlington’s Smart Growth Journey Now Playing!

Watch video (52 min.) on line
With closed caption option

Watch full screen video (52 min.)

Web exclusives now available
Trouble seeing video? Get help.

On Cable TV

Arlington Virginia Network (AVN)
Comcast 25 & Verizon 40

Requirements for Online viewing

Windows Media Player version 9 or higher

Silverlight Player highly recommended.

If you are trying to view this video over a dial-up connection, you may experience some issues with the video player.

If you have a PC, you must be running Windows 98 or later operating system with at least a 233-MHz Processor Pentium II and 64 MB of RAM.

If you are using a Macintosh, you need a G3 or newer with Mac OS X installed.

I’m using a Mac, why can’t I see the video?

I have all the recommended software installed but still need help.

DVDs: $5 each. Contact:


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