AVN documentary asks:

How did Arlington get to be this way?

When you look at Arlington’s combination of hip urban villages, towering office buildings and quiet residential neighborhoods, do you ever wonder how it got to be this way? Peter Hill, producer for AVN, the County’s cable channel, set out to answer that question 18 months ago.

Hill and co-producer Mary Curtius tracked down former Board members, staffers, activists and others, and asked whether Arlington’s evolution from close-in D.C. suburb to national model of transit-oriented development happened by accident or design.

The result is “Arlington’s Smart Growth Journey,” a 53-minute documentary that traces the dramatic history of the past half-century of growth and development in our community.

From the County’s post-war boom to its successful campaign to secure 11 Metro stops to its redevelopment of key neighborhoods, “Arlington’s Smart Growth Journey” explores the political risks that leaders and residents took and the vision they pursued.

This tale of political wheeling and dealing, visionary planning, missteps and challenges is brought to life through the lively recollections of key decision-makers and archival photos and film. View the documentary on the County’s web site at: www.arlingtonva.us.

DVDs of “Arlington’s Smart Growth Journey” are available for civic organizations.

More info to come….


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